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Sylvia Bernstein letter to the editor: Proposition 113 prevents the tyranny of the minority

"I support Proposition 113, the National Popular Vote," Bernstein said.
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I support Proposition 113, the National Popular Vote. I support it because I want to make sure one person always equals one vote and whoever earns the most votes once they are all added up wins the election. Those are pretty simple concepts.

I’ve heard some people talk about the so-called “tyranny of the majority” if the National Popular Vote is enacted. I don’t hear those same people complain about every other politician who is elected by the most votes. Is it the tyranny of the majority to elect our Governor by the most votes? How about a county commissioner? It seems like if it works for every other politician it should work for our most powerful one.

The only thing worse than a “tyranny of the majority” is the “tyranny of the minority” which is what we have now. We have a president who was elected by less than a majority, who governs in a way that appeals to less than a majority, and isn’t even trying to win a majority of American votes this time around either. How’s that working out for everybody?

Proposition 113 makes sure Colorado stays in the National Popular Vote. We are one of 15 states that are in it now. Fifteen states have so far stood up and said they are tired of the tyranny of the minority. More need to come on board for it to be the way we elect the President. Let’s make sure one person equals one vote and every vote counts, let’s vote YES on Proposition 113.

--Silvia Bernstein is a Longmont resident