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Beyond Extraordinary

Our outstanding staff of nurses, counselors, teachers, and more provide multiple levels of support so that all students can be successful.
Thunder Valley Health Clerk, Celia Jaskson, checks in with a student.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs  pyramid helps us reflect on the needs that make up the well-being of an individual. At the foundation of the pyramid resides our physiological needs, which represent our basic needs such as food and clothing. Above that is safety and security, which involves our health and safety. In the middle sits the need for love and belonging, which relates to having long-lasting friendships; above that we have our self-esteem, which gives us the confidence to achieve and excel. At the top of Maslow's hierarchy of needs is self-actualization. This need refers to the desire to reach our fullest potential, and is the final piece in bringing everything together to make us successful individuals. 

In a school environment, St. Vrain has created a similar and broad system to support students in various ways. Our school health clerks and registered nurses support students with their medication and health needs. School resource officers and campus supervisors work to ensure safe environments for our students to thrive. Counselors and teachers promote the well-being of each student to strengthen their academic growth. By working cohesively as a system, we are able to advance students to the highest levels of success. 

Nurturing our Students 

Reflecting on the meaning of well-being, we imagine someone who is comfortable, healthy, and happy. Our well-being forms an integral part of our daily life as it allows us to overcome challenges and achieve our goals.

In St. Vrain, health clerks and school counselors collaborate together to foster the well-being and academic success of our students. “We team up on a daily basis to make sure we are providing our students with the best support and resources that they need to become personally and academically successful,” shared Rachel Long, Health Clerk at Mead High School. 

One of the core roles of our district health services team is to ensure the comprehensive wellness of students. They coordinate support plans for students’ health conditions, such as diabetes, asthma, seizure disorders, and severe allergies. In close partnership with district nurses and families, health clerks carry out the plans developed by nurses, as well as meet and assist all of the students that come into the school’s health room. “As health clerks, we serve as advocates for our students’ health and needs,” shared Cecilia Jackson, Health Clerk at Thunder Valley K-8 School. 

Research has shown that a student’s attendance is likely to increase when health conditions have been identified and there are trained and delegated staff in the building to support varying needs. “Health clerks fill a comprehensive well-being support role because they are the touch point for a lot of our students,” shared Sophia Yager, Health Services Coordinator. “They connect with students based on their unique needs and can provide individualized support.”

In addition to our health clerks, school counselors also support student well-being on a daily basis. They serve in a variety of ways to ensure that students feel safe, supported, emotionally healthy, academically successful, and connected.

“As a counselor, my role involves proactive work in helping students develop skills, strategies, and mindsets that allow them to navigate this stage in life,” shared Aimee Brown, Counselor at Lyons Middle Senior High School. Counselors receive special training which allows them to support students with their academic, social-emotional, and post-secondary goals.

For Brown, working with students in grades 6–12 is rewarding. “There is a tremendous amount of change and growth from sixth to twelfth grade and it’s amazing to witness firsthand.” Her work with high school students focuses more on helping students gain independence, advocating for their needs, and advising them on which coursework is necessary to provide options that best fit their personal interests and passions. “Working as a school counselor is a joy,” shared Brown. “I love the opportunity to support students, collaborate with teachers, and work with families and community members.”

Building a positive and safe school community for our students is one of the top priorities for our campus supervisors. “You want to protect the school, and more importantly, you want to protect those who are in it,” shared La’Mar West, Campus Supervisor at Niwot High School.

West’s efforts do not go unnoticed, as he strives every day to make sure students have a safe environment and feel supported. “I hope they remember me as a person who kept them safe and someone they could lean on,” shared West. “And at the end of day, I want them to know they matter to me.”

In St. Vrain, we have many robust supports and dedicated staff to ensure every student can reach the highest pinnacle of learning. This provides students with the best possible learning experience in order to become successful individuals, reaching their full potential.