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Secret Santa program supplies schools with music

Local schools have received over $50,000 in musical equipment through program
Rocky Mountain Music Repair kicks off its annual School Secret Santa on Nov. 1

Over the past two years Rocky Mountain Music Repair owners Brian and Deanna Stevenson have donated approximately $50,000 of music gear to regional school band programs.

The duo created a program similar to Toys for Tots for band geeks, which they are calling School Secret Santa, they said. 

The Stevensons’ original concept was a small donation to a few select school music instructors.  

“We thought we'd just be able to pick four or five of our favorite teachers and give away a little goodie bag,” Brian Stevenson explained.

The couple were blown away when the program raised and distributed  roughly $10,000 worth of instruments and supplies.

“We started the whole program just asking people who were already in the shop to buy one little extra thing,” Brian Stevenson said. “Whether it be a $2 bottle of valve oil, a $10 box of reeds or a $20 mouthpiece for a trumpet.” 

Inspired by the initial haul, the Stevensons doubled their efforts and quadrupled their take the following Christmas season.

“We were able to give way over $40,000 worth of stuff,” he said.

Last year more than two dozen teachers from Boulder Valley, Adams 12, St. Vrain Valley and Jefferson County school districts benefited from the yuletide kindness. 

“Every teacher went home with at least one instrument for their program and a huge box of supplies,” he said.

“It’s really just about the community coming together to support local music,” Brian Stevenson said. “I’m hoping this year we can get another $50,000 for a total of $100,000.”

The charitable effort is intended to defray costs for educators, Brian Stevenson explained.

“Band teachers tend to buy a lot of things out of their own pockets for their kids,” he noted.

Although the School Secret Santa kicks off on Nov. 1 with the teacher giveaway event slated for Dec. 15, donations have already started pouring in.

“We’ve had people giving all year round,” he said. “They've donated actual full instruments; clarinets, trumpets and guitars to give to the school.”

Rocky Mountain Music Repair can also recondition worn gear to have a second wind with a young musician.

“They can bring in instruments they have in their closet that's been collecting dust and we'll make sure it gets to a local school,” he said.