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SVVSD coach celebrates 400 wins

Coach Dufour has lasting influence on the Frederick High School community.
Coach Roger Dufour celebrated 400 wins coaching high school softball

Coach Roger Dufour’s distinguished career in high school sports reached new heights Friday as the Frederick High softball team triumphed over Northridge High, marking Dufour’s 400th victory. The community celebrates Coach Dufour’s accomplishment and the lasting influence on the Frederick High School community.

Principal Russ Fox echoes the sentiments of many in the Frederick community, “Coach Dufour’s steadfast dedication to our softball program is truly exceptional. He molds not only athletes but also responsible individuals – approaching 400 wins speaks volumes about his leadership and positive impact.”

Coach Dufour’s story is one of passion and dedication. For years, he’s shaped outstanding athletes and individuals. His coaching style balances technical prowess with personal growth. In addition to coaching, Dufour teaches Physical Education at Frederick High School. “Coach Dufour isn’t just an outstanding coach, he is also deeply committed to upholding high academic standards for his students in both the classroom and on the softball field,” stated Fox.  

The school community at Frederick High is proud of Coach Dufour’s hard work and dedication to student success. Yesterday’s game is more than a tally on a scoreboard – it’s a celebration of a coach who’s poured heart and soul into the entire Frederick community.