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SVVSD high school students explore possible futures

​​​​​​​Berngen hopes the students get more out of the experience than a pile of business cards.
SVVSD 2023 career fair

Students eager to learn more about the possibilities the future might hold lined the halls of the Career Elevation and Technology Center on Friday for the St. Vrain Valley school district’s second annual high school career fair.

Nearly 100 vendors welcomed students, including several universities and manufacturers.


At the Career Elevation and Technology Center, located at 1200 S. Sunset St., the vendors aligned with the career paths offered by the center, according to Rebecca Vincent, SVVSD workbase learning coordinator. The Innovation Center had 18 vendors and five universities, while the majority of the vendors set up a booth at the Career Elevation and Technology Center.

“We find it really important to connect our industry partners directly to the students that are in the program, as well as district-wide. We work really hard both at CETC and the Innovation Center to make sure that we educate them in the pathway and then connect them to the pathway in the future,” Vincent said. 

Around 267 students registered for the event, however, it remained open to all SVVSD students throughout the day. 

The career fair is an opportunity for students to explore what they may want to do after they graduate, whether that is to go to college, begin a trade or go straight into employment. 


“It offers an opportunity for exposure into what potentially could be their career. I think opportunities like that are so pivotal because they are getting ready to make a decision that either short-term could affect them or in the longer-term,” said Eric Berngen, coordinator of workforce development at the Innovation Center.  

Berngen hopes the students get more out of the experience than a pile of business cards. He hopes they take the opportunity to learn how to network and utilize social media in a way that can create more opportunities for them in the future.