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Chris Hains Interior Design: Founded on passion, creativity & experience

Chris Hains Interior Design offers a collaborative, refreshing way for homeowners to retain control of their vision and budget while getting the experience of a professional, certified designer.
Chris Hains, Owner/operator Chris Hains Interior Design

Chris Hains Interior Design offers a collaborative, refreshing way for homeowners to retain control of their vision and budget while getting the experience of a professional, certified designer. Owner/operator Chris Hains is excited to bring decades of life and work experience to this venture – helping homeowners have the functional, stylish rooms that improve their lives. 

“Technically I opened the company two years ago, but really I have been doing this all my life,” smiles Chris. “It was one of those things I knew I wanted to do since I was five. My soul is about creating. I have sewn both as a hobby and professionally, I make jewellery, have thrown pottery… I live to create!” 

This creative drive saw her attend college for architecture and interior design after high school. Then her journey took a detour. After a short time in the creative arts, she became a dental hygienist and remained in the clinic environment for nearly 25 years. After two hand surgeries, she had her rethink her original goals. Knowing that it’s never too late for reinvention, Chris attended an accelerated bootcamp program to refresh her interior design skills, got certified, and opened her own firm. 

While Chris Hains Interior Design offers a variety of services, the full service design package is a standout offering, helping homeowners achieve the spaces they desire from conception to completion. 

“The main thing people love about my approach is that there is no rigid, non-compromising attitude. It’s not about my vision, it is always about the client. I work closely with them because ultimately, it is their design. My approach is truly collaborative,” she shares. 

“The value lies in my understanding of the construction process and why things have to be done in a certain order or a certain way. Too many times a client will go to a contractor before a designer. When a designer is called in retroactively, the process becomes more complicated and expensive.  

“I have my own set of contractors that have been vetted for their outstanding, high quality work and customer service. When I’m called onto a project from the start, I can help clients save time and money because I explain the big picture from the get-go. Then I introduce the clients to the contractors that have been proven to do great work. I have local and international trade accounts, ensuring clients have access to unique options not seen in big box stores or offered to the general public.” 

Chris excels at what she does, but rather than show her success by pointing to awards and recognitions, she prefers to fly under the proverbial radar. 

“When someone invites me into their home, I am honoured and respect the trust they place in me. I’m a professional and I’m happiest when my clients get to live in the functional spaces that make their hearts sing. No award can top that.” 

She concludes, “Starting a second career later in life is not easy. Going from being employed to self-employed takes a lot of courage. However, I know my experience empowers what I do and allows me to bring a lot of value to my clients and to the design industry. It’s not just having the certification. Years of coordinating, scheduling, working with all manner of clients, being active in the community (which includes launching a 501c3 program for a local baseball team at one of the newest high schools in the area then running the program for five years) and having creative hobbies really drive what Chris Hains Interior Design is all about today.” 

Chris says a very big thank you to her clients, industry partners and to her friend and project collaborator Wynn (from Wynn Interiors). 

“I look forward to organically continuing to grow the reputation of Chris Hains Interior Design through professionalism, creativity and good old-fashioned hard work. As the company grows, I also look forward to expanding into design-build service,” she concludes. 

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