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LEDP supports Colorado’s Hub for Health Impact’s Life Sciences Campaign

LEDP takes pride in supporting an environment where visionary thinking in the life sciences field translates into real results

Longmont Economic Development Partnership (LEDP) is a supporter of the initiatives that help to grow Longmont’s business and technology sectors. For this reason, LEDP is proud to support Colorado’s Hub for Health Impact’s Life Sciences campaign.

Colorado's life sciences ecosystem is a hotbed for transformative health innovations, attracting substantial private, public, and government funding. This success is driven by the state's focus on fostering an innovation-friendly environment where industries from bioscience and high technology to space exploration and quantum computing intersect.

Colorado has emerged as a leading hub for life sciences innovation and economic competitiveness and this is thanks to many factors, including the fact that one of Colorado's most significant assets is its highly educated workforce. The state has the second-highest concentration of bioengineers and biomedical engineers in the U.S., making it a leading national and international location for innovation talent.

Access to capital is also a factor. Colorado's life sciences organizations have raised more than $1 billion annually for seven consecutive years. Let’s not forget the ideal location! Strategically located at the center of the United States, Colorado offers easy freight options and a top five global airport, Denver International Airport. Additionally, the state has 3.5 million square feet of lab space planned or under construction.

Those that move here to work enjoy a vibrant lifestyle and culture outside of the professional sphere. With majestic mountains, world-class museums, outdoor activities, Michelin-starred restaurants, craft breweries, and pro sports teams, the state offers a rich cultural and recreational landscape that attracts professionals from all walks of life.

Ranked as a leading place in the U.S. to do business by CNBC7, Colorado offers costs lower than other major life sciences hubs, and state support for companies considering relocation. This innovation-focused business climate makes it an ideal location for life sciences companies looking to start, relocate, or expand.

It all comes down to this – Colorado Longmont’s welcoming community is perfect and ready for collaboration with life sciences companies. Creative partnerships in this community translate visionary thinking into real results for patients.

LEDP is proud to help showcase and support Colorado’s life sciences opportunities. Click here to learn more.

Established in 1981, the LEDP is a non-profit entity that operates on both public and private funding. More than 120 private sector businesses have partnered with the City of Longmont,

Boulder County, and Platte River Power Authority to create an economic ecosystem that champions businesses and their owners. LEDP's mission is to orchestrate a comprehensive and collaborative economic development strategy aimed at bolstering the economic vitality of our community. The strategy revolves around four key pillars - talent, industry, place, and connectivity. The ultimate goal is to foster growth, prosperity, and inclusivity as the foundation of a strong local economy.