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Local group offers incredible support to the nonprofit sector

Social Venture Partners Boulder County’s unique mission supports local nonprofits and helps them to create a strong community

Social Venture Partners Boulder County (SVP) is a unique organization that supports a wide range of nonprofits with the aim of helping them to succeed and contribute to creating a stronger community.

Through cash grants, extensive volunteer partnerships, and by bringing leaders together, SVP helps to strengthen local nonprofits so each organization can better serve the community.

“We help support and strengthen Boulder County nonprofits through programs delivered by our partner members in the areas of training, leadership development, and consulting services. To date, we’ve worked with over 200 Boulder County nonprofits providing nearly $7M value in pro-bono consulting, mentoring, coaching and education; and more than $1.7M in supporting cash grants,” explains Joshua Silberstein, CEO of Social Venture Partners Boulder County.

Support Through Grants, Mentorships, and Education

SVP brings together experienced and knowledgeable partners with promising nonprofits. Along with hands-on support, SVP also offers cash grants.

Since 2001, SVP’s Catapult program has supplied over $1.7 million in cash grants as well as many hours of volunteer consulting work. In recent years, SVP has honed their focus to invest in nonprofit organizations that have been traditionally underfunded, like those that serve the Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) communities.

LCJP Strengthened through Partnership with SVP

A great example of SVP’s work is their partnership with Longmont Community Justice Partnership (LCJP).

Shalene Onyango, Executive Director of LCJP explains LCJP’s mission :

“LCJP utilizes community based restorative justice to prevent people, primarily youth, from punitive consequences that often lead to continued interactions with the criminal justice system and which can include incarceration. Being community centered means we promote the value of ensuring no person is seen as disposable. Communities become safer when harmed parties (victims) experience healing and closure, responsible people (offenders) are given the opportunity to learn from their decisions and make things right, and the broader community has a voice in the justice process.”

LCJP received SVP Catapult program funding which provides them with three years of grant funding along with pro-bono consulting support with the goal of helping them grow and strengthen as an organization.

From LCJP’s point of view, the grant from SVP provides them with extensive support, including a much-needed infusion of people-power into the organization.

“One of the greatest gifts LCJP received from SVP was the gift of visibility. Through SVP's network of committed philanthropists, LCJP has had the opportunity to become visible to people that we would have otherwise had a difficult time building meaningful relationships with. Through this visibility we have gained more donors to help support our ongoing work of restorative justice,” says Shalene.

“We are continuing our relationship with SVP for a 4th year,” Shalene continues. “I am grateful to SVP for bringing together people who care about their community and who are willing to channel their resources and passion to make impacts that could not otherwise be achieved!”

Connecting with SVP

“If you are a member of the community who wants to learn more and engage with the amazing nonprofits in Boulder County, then we would love to meet you and have you join our community of engaged philanthropists. If you are a nonprofit that is needing support in strengthening your organization, please reach out and let us know how we can help,” says Joshua.

To learn more about SVP and how you can get involved, reach out to their team at 303-840-0165 or visit them online.