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Longmont Symphony Orchestra thrives in its 58th season

Tickets are available now for the 2024/2025 concert season

With its 60th season just around the corner, Longmont Symphony Orchestra is more popular than ever. Elliot Moore, the orchestra’s conductor for the past seven seasons, is delighted to say that they are not just surviving, they are “sur-thriving.”

“Especially in a post-pandemic world, it’s not every organization that can talk about that kind of comeback from a global pandemic. Things have never been stronger here. The music has never been better,” says Elliot.

This could be partly due to the orchestra’s commitment to keep their concerts accessible to all members of the Longmont community. The orchestra partners with local organizations who help underserved populations, giving their clients complimentary tickets to select concerts. Members of LSO also perform at seniors facilities, and offer youth tickets for reasonable prices.

“One of the questions we discussed as an organization during the pandemic was, ‘what kind of audience do we want to see?’ One of the things I said was to see children at our performances, kicking their feet, and having a great time. There’s nothing I love more than when I walk out on stage and see a parent with their four-year-old in the front row, and the smiles on their faces. It brings such joy to me that they’re interested in this,” says Elliot.

In the spirit of inclusivity, the orchestra also offers sensory-friendly performances of the Nutcracker every year for individuals who are neurodiverse. They refer to it as a ‘gentle’ Nutcracker, with a modified ballet and calmer music. Additional sensory-friendly concerts are put on throughout the year with smaller LSO ensembles. Elliot and the LSO team want everyone to have the opportunity to experience a concert in person.

“It’s the sense of the hall, the magic of the experience. These are things we take very seriously and that we want to give to everybody.”

The title of Longmont Symphony Orchestra’s 2024/2025 concert season is ‘Sound in Motion.’ The season’s repertoire includes Gershwin Piano Concerto, ‘An Evening of Romance’ (with compositions by Mendelssohn, Bruch, Debussy and Strauss), and Handel’s Messiah.

Elliot is most excited to conduct Bach’s B Minor Mass, which the orchestra will be performing the week before Easter. It will be Elliot’s first time conducting the piece, and he’s looking forward to bringing the meaning of the piece to attendees and to have them experience the magic of Bach’s composition.

Other plans for the orchestra’s future include taking their first program on the road, traveling out of Longmont to play a masterwork program for the first time in their 58 years of existence. Their plan is to play a concert in Longmont and then travel to a nearby township for repeat performance.

“The orchestra’s going to have a fun time getting out of Longmont’s Vance Brand Auditorium and experiencing a new venue. It’ll be great for the township, and for the students living there, to have access to music that’s fresh, innovative and fun,” says Elliot.

Elliot has seen this experience of joy first-hand; of first-time audience members realizing they're perhaps having more fun than they even expected to.

“In this way, they become enveloped in our success story. Our audience feels like they are an active participant in creating greatness. Not just in creating great art or even in supporting a thriving orchestra, but in furthering our region as one of the best places in Colorado to live, work, and play.”

For Elliot, that shared musical experience between audience and orchestra is nothing short of inspiring.

“The music elevates each of us, so that we can unite to further the good we can bring to this world.”

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