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NextLight: The heart of a connected Longmont

Approximately 60% of Longmont citizens subscribe to NextLight currently

In nine short years, NextLight and its city-owned fiber-optic internet service have become a hallmark of Longmont’s identity.  

“An example for the rest of the country!” one customer posted to social media. “Every other city in the world should have NextLight,” agreed another. A third simply noted that “After moving all over the country and dealing with different cable companies, using NextLight feels as different as night vs day.” 

The reasons accumulate almost as quickly as the accolades, and it all goes back to NextLight’s ever-continuing promise of community service, including a few special offers to celebrate the birthday of Longmont’s own network.  

A better connection  

Longmont had been planning for fast fiber-optic service since the 1990s so that the community could have the high-quality internet offerings it needed and deserved. But from 2005 on, state law got in the way. No city could offer internet service, it said – alone or in a partnership – without voter approval.  

In 2011, Longmont voters gave that approval with 60% of the vote. In 2013, they also approved a bond to build the network. And in November 2014, they began signing up … and signing up … and signing up.  

Today, about 60% of Longmont subscribes to NextLight. The state law that once restricted Colorado cities has been repealed. And as cities across the country see how essential broadband internet is, Longmont’s NextLight has demonstrated what a community-owned network can provide, including:  

  • Speed that has been repeatedly ranked among the fastest in the nation, with home connections available up to 10 gigabits per second 

  • Consistent and affordable rates to all its customers, including discounts that make free internet service available to qualifying customers 

  • Customer service and support ranked by PC Magazine Readers as #1 Choice ISP for home and business, with customer ratings that were higher than the magazine had ever seen in the award’s history 

  • Service with no contracts and no data caps, giving the customer freedom in choosing and using Nextlight 

“Across the country, it’s easy to find people who are dissatisfied with their slow, expensive and unreliable internet provider,” said Valerie Dodd, NextLight’s executive director. “Longmont residents know that better is possible – because they have it. Longmont provides highly reliable internet that’s the fastest in town and local customer service you can speak to in person. We work hard to make sure that NextLight meets the needs of our community’s residents and businesses, and we’re proud to see the Longmont they’re creating with the service we provide.”  

Today – and beyond  

NextLight has also added a WiFi6 Whole Home Solution that allows more home devices to capture additional NextLight speed without dead zones and comes with ExperienceIQ (parental controls that let you manage screen time, content and access) and ProtectIQ (built-in defenses against viruses and malware for every device on your home network), all manageable from a single NextLight app.  

And naturally, to celebrate NextLight’s “birthday,” there are a few extra perks. Through the end of 2023: 

  • New customers who sign up for gigabit service, WiFi6 and autopay can get $100 off 

  • Existing customers can get $75 off their NextLight bill when they refer a friend who signs up for service 

Find out more online at It’s an opportunity to be part of NextLight’s history – and its future.