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Roberta’s Legacy and Eight Black: Making a difference together

Get involved through volunteering, donating or attending an event

Simon Chen, CEO and Founder of Eight Black Airport Shuttle, has always prioritized giving back. In an effort to streamline Eight Black’s philanthropy, he discovered Roberta’s Legacy. It didn’t take long for him to realize how well Eight Black’s values and resources dovetailed with Roberta’s Legacy. Today, he and his team couldn’t be happier to help make an impact alongside this very deserving charity.

Roberta’s Legacy helps breast cancer patients and their families. The charity was founded by Harry Lozinski after he lost his wife to the disease.

“Roberta was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010,” shares Harry. “She did it all – mastectomy, chemo, radiation. In 2014 the cancer returned, and she passed in 2015. My wife was always kind, gracious, and giving. She would visit other breast cancer patients and guide them. I wanted to help carry on her legacy.”

The Lozinski family started seeking out breast cancer patients to support. After donating to one woman, she let them know that the funds allowed her to pay bills and buy groceries for the first time in a month. After her diagnosis, her husband – and his insurance that she was covered under – left. She was struggling.

“What would she do next month? What about the women that need help getting to work or to appointments?” the Lozinskis questioned.

Harry set up the charity in 2015 and vowed to help two families per year… but today, they help 40+ families at a time.

“We grossly underestimated the need in our community,” says Harry. “We are very grateful for the support of Simon and Eight Black. Without them, we could not support these families. Partnering with Eight Black, who is a very well recognized professional business in the Longmont community, legitimizes Roberta’s Legacy and helps drive our visibility.”

“Simon,” Harry continues, “We cannot thank you enough.”

This support, which includes funds, volunteerism, donating vehicles, and helping to drive women to appointments, is robustly embraced by everyone on the Eight Black team. While giving back is a value of the organization, everyone was quick to get on board after Simon made them aware of Roberta’s Legacy.

“Everyone on the team is happy to be invested,” smiles Simon. “I’m so grateful, humbled, and blown away by that. As a community business, we are passionate about helping others and I’m hoping that with a push from the corporate community, more businesses and their teams will get involved in supporting this important charity.”

There are many ways for individuals and businesses to get involved, including volunteering and donating. Legacy partners are businesses that support Roberta’s Legacy. Sponsors can be corporate or individuals and if they so choose, can remain anonymous.

Another way to get involved is to attend an event or fundraiser. There are several during the year, including an upcoming Pink Carpet event in August.

However you choose to support Roberta’s Legacy, know that 100% of your donations support the families in need, and your impact lasts beyond a lifetime.