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Santa’s Workshop still looking for donations

Heart of Longmont spearheads shopping for youth in the community

Heart of Longmont (HOL) United Methodist Church has a very special event coming up this Sun. Dec. 10.

“It’s our second annual Santa’s Workshop,” explained Ministry and Mission Coordinator Tricia Grafelman. “We did it for the first time last year and couldn’t believe the need and the response from the community to fill that need. So, here we are again.”

Santa’s Workshop is an opportunity for kids to do some Christmas shopping for special people in their lives. But, it’s so much more than that. “We have a personal shopper for each child, and they can shop gifts that have been donated from the community, for important people in their lives: mom, dad, aunties, uncles, siblings, grandparents,” expanded Tricia. “Once the children are done shopping, they can go to the wrapping station and wrap their gifts, then to the card station to make a card.”

After they are done, the children enjoy a hot chocolate and a visit with Santa. This year, horse drawn carriage rides have been added to round out the day and make it even more fun for the whole family.


“We do ask that the parents remain in our parents only room while the children shop. Parents will be able to build stockings with free small items while they are waiting,” said Tricia. “There aren’t many events that give the opportunity for the children to shop, usually it’s the other way around. Last year, we had 120 children signed up, and this year we have double that number, so far.”

HOL is asking the community to step up with donations of items for all ages, as well as looking for volunteers to come and help out at the various stations on Dec. 10, from 2 to 5 p.m. “We are looking for donations that are worthy of being gifted, not garage sale items,” explained Tricia. “Maybe it’s something that is being regifted, or something that you are buying new and donating. Most of our shoppers are Hispanic, so we have ten Spanish-speaking volunteers on site to help with that, as well.”


So far, HOL is thrilled with the response from the community. “We have a lot of new volunteers this year, friends of friends, people who heard about it last year and decided to sign up, this year,” said Tricia. “We are still looking for more donations, though, to make sure we can give the children the shopping experience they deserve.”

The holidays can be a stressful time for many families. “Last year, I heard so many stories from the families attending, about dad losing his job, broken homes, families not able to make ends meet,” said Tricia. “It’s wonderful to see the community embracing the opportunity to support each other, and to come together in this way. It has spread far beyond our congregation and my hope is that it continues to do so.”

If you have items to donate to Santa’s Workshop, please reach to Tricia via [email protected] or drop donations off at the church at 350 11th Avenue, Longmont, CO, before Friday at 3 p.m.