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Award Winning recording artist Lon Van Eaton relocates to Longmont

“People said there was a lot of good music in the Longmont/Lyons area. That’s one reason I was drawn here,” Van Eaton said.
Lon Van Eaton

Lon Van Eaton, a platinum award-winning recording artist, who worked with George Harrison on the iconic Beatles’ Apple label is now bringing his decades of experience to Longmont.

Van Eaton is not just in Longmont for a leisurely stay, he is eager to collaborate with musicians, songwriters, actors, dancers and performers in the region, holding auditions and casting calls to curate a perfect ensemble for his production “Story of an Angel” as well as undertaking music consulting and recording production.

“I was told about Longmont by some friends,” Van Eaton said. “They said it's a really nice place. And after just a couple of weeks, I'm already falling in love with it.”

Van Eaton’s journey hasn't been without its challenges. Before tragedy struck, he and his late wife, Constance, were on the brink of a significant collaboration with Steve Wynn in Las Vegas. For over five years, he shifted from the world of music to being her primary caretaker.

“But then she got ill, and everything changed,” Van Eaton said. “I have no regrets. Taking care of her was the best decision I ever made.”

After half a decade, Van Eaton is revisiting the dreams they had together, working on two productions. But his journey always seems to come back to music. 

“People said there was a lot of good music in the Longmont/Lyons area. That’s one reason I was drawn here,” Van Eaton said.

Van Eaton’s connection with the Beatles was not just about music, it was a kinship, a mutual understanding, especially with George Harrison.

“After our time in London and Apple, I came to LA and did a lot of session work. Those were the days of long hair and beards in the early ’70s," Van Eaton mused. “Meeting George at Friar Park, Newcastle, and seeing him sitting on the grass, singing a song from our demo — it was surreal for a couple of kids from Trenton, New Jersey.”

It was Harrison's charitable spirit that inspired Van Eaton to found “Imagine a Better World” in 1985. His company has since worked on numerous fundraising projects, from CDs to videos, benefiting organizations like the Boy Scouts and the Leukemia Society.

"The concept was born from George's Concert for Bangladesh," Van Eaton said. "The idea of music making a difference stuck with me." 

Now, as he settles into Longmont, he's looking for collaborations, ready to infuse his experiences into the local music scene, blending harmonies of the past with the fresh melodies of the bright future. Imagine a Better World Productions' new home is 630 Main Street “C” Longmont, CO 80501. Interested parites can reach out via email at [email protected] or by phone at 720-220-5559.

“I can do this from anywhere,” Van Eaton said. “And I'm excited to see what Longmont has in store.”