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Come feel the fable with “Fabula” by Angel Corsi

The six-track EP explores themes of childhood, family trauma and the complicated process of self-discovery and acceptance.
Angel Corsi

Longmont's very own Angel Corsi, who, with the release of his latest EP “Fabula,” has not merely unfurled a new collection of tracks but has woven an intricate tapestry from the raw threads of life experiences, transforming a rich narrative into a captivating song saga that resonates like an enthralling dialogue, inviting listeners on a musical journey that pulls on the heartstrings.

The six-track EP explores themes of childhood, family trauma and the complicated process of self-discovery and acceptance. The record, Corsi admits, is "the scariest thing I could think of to write about." Still, he dared to bare his soul in its creation, even using a childhood photo as the album's cover — a reflection of the raw, unflinching honesty found within the tracks.

Corsi, a Longmont resident, has been labeled a “Barrio Bruce,” a nod to his Springsteen-like gravitas, which would be akin to catching the Pacific Ocean in a beer mug — both profoundly inadequate and unjust. It's a punchy moniker, sure, but it overlooks the kaleidoscope of his narrative talent, the socio-political undercurrents of his lyrics and the unique flavor of authenticity that he brings to the table. His music does not merely mimic the sounds of Springsteen, instead, it carries forward the tradition of narrating the plight of the common man, with the added layer of his own cultural perspective.

Through his words, Corsi does not just comment on politics or societal issues, he immerses his listeners in stories of real people, grappling with real problems. His music often deals with nuanced views of right and wrong, and he portrays the world as it is: a complex blend of good, bad and everything in between. Each song on "Fabula" stands alone, yet they all contribute to an overarching narrative. This thematic unity was the result of careful and deliberate crafting.

Corsi has branded his musical style as "folk noir," inspired by noir films' blend of shadow and ambiguity. His songs don't present clear-cut heroes or villains, just characters grappling with complex situations and moral dilemmas. This is vividly exemplified in the track "Dad's Old Tascam," a poignant story about two brothers whose bond unravels amidst their father's criminal activities. The titular Tascam, an audio recorder, serves as a sanctuary, a temporary escape from their turbulent reality.

Continuing with this moral ambiguity, "Dirty Money" presents the narrative of a crooked dad who has only known the life of a soldier or a criminal. In the song, the father justifies his unlawful deeds as the only means he knows to provide for his children. The haunting line "I can't tie a tie, but I can tie a knot to a cinder block" poignantly encapsulates this tragic struggle between civil parenting behavior and brutal criminal activity.

But "Fabula" isn't just about grappling with the past, it also explores the way forward. In "What Love Is," Corsi presents a grown-up son confronting his father about the decisions he made in the past. The song, deeply personal to Corsi, underscores his evolved understanding of love and the need to choose to love every day, despite past mistakes.

Corsi's music reflects his philosophy of empathy, encouraging listeners to look beyond surface labels to understand people's complexities and motivations. As we navigate the gray areas of life, Corsi's music provides solace and understanding. Through his honest storytelling, Corsi encourages us all to be brave in exploring our past, understanding our present and looking forward to a future shaped by resilience and love. 

While Corsi's music may echo the emotional resonance of Springsteen, he is most certainly Angel Corsi, an artist who harnesses the power of storytelling to bridge gaps, battle apathy and resonate with audiences on a profoundly personal level.

“Fabula” can now be streamed on various platforms, but Corsi encourages fans to buy the record directly from his contact information on his website for an enhanced, immersive experience. These additions are all part of his goal to establish a deep and lasting connection with his audience.