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How to Take a Prayer Walk

Have you ever considered taking a prayer walk? In this interview on prayer, Mary Jean Powers of "Get the Word Out!"
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This content was originally published by the Longmont Observer and is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

By Matthew Spencer

LONGMONT - Have you ever considered taking a prayer walk? In this interview on prayer, Mary Jean Powers of "Get the Word Out!" discusses with Pastor Matthew Spencer the importance of praying over our city, and how you can do this by simply walking out your front door and taking a prayer walk.

Mary Jean Powers is the president of "Get the Word Out!" She has a passion for teaching God's Word and is actively engaged in discipleship training through her "Intensives", "Walk Thru the Bible" trainings, and various Bible Projects. She has traveled extensively throughout the world working with many different ministries and organizations ministering in 35 countries. Throughout all her travels she still retains a heart of prayer for our city, Longmont.

How Do You Take a Prayer Walk?

Pastor Matthew began by simply asking, how would you conduct a prayer walk, individually, with a friend, or with a group? Mary Jean said that taking prayer walks is the thing that has changed her heart for our city the most, saying:

"If you don't really love someone or something, you can't intercede for them very well. The more love you have for them, the more affective your intercession is going to be... prayer walking for Longmont has really changed my heart for Longmont. It has given me a greater love for Longmont."

Three Tips On Taking a Prayer Walk

  1. Pray the Word of God - Mary Jean pointed out the importance of praying God's Word saying, "The most accurate representation we have of the will of God is the Word of God." When we pray God's Word back to Him, we know we are praying accurately and effectively.
  2. Pray Over the Schools - Pray Jeremiah 29:7. Mary Jean pointed out the importance of praying for the peace and safety of our schools saying, "It's our city, and so the school district matters to us."
  3. Walk Your Neighborhood - The quickest way to start is by taking a walk in your neighborhood. Mary Jean said, "It's as easy as walking out the door and agreeing with God, not praying my opinion about the neighborhood or my emotion about the neighborhood...Praying God's Word is effective, praying what we know to be His will, so it's pretty easy."
  4. Walk With a Friend - You can take a friend with you on a prayer walk. As you walk together. Pray together. As you pray, you will find yourselves praying "off" of each others prayers as you walk, much like a conversation happens. Bring God into your walk, pray His Word, and pray what's on your heart for the city.

Let’s Pray!

They concluded in prayer that the Holy Spirit would lead us in how to pray over our city. She prayed for an increase of love for our city. And Matthew prayed that God would cause prayer to increase in our city, that many people would pray throughout this city, and that this city would be known for the presence of God, for the Church, and for prayer.

About - Get the Word Out!

Are you interested in learning more about Mary Jean Powers and Get the Word Out? From her website: "Get the Word Out! is about becoming disciples – disciplined students of Jesus – and discovering that His Truth frees us to become who He made us to be, for His glory!"

Mary Jean Powers recently led the charge on a project with Longmont area pastors and ministry leaders. That project is called: "It's Time, Longmont!" It's one hour CD (and now a Youtube video) of Bible verses read and declared over our city set to contemplative piano music.

Check out her website for much more:

  • Intensives
  • Walk Thru the Bible Seminars
  • Projects
  • and Resources

Find out more at:

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Longmont Prays is a prayer initiative by Longmont area pastors and ministry leaders. In these interviews, we talk about the importance of prayer and why prayer is such a high priority and value for our city. We’re really declaring just that: prayer matters. In the coming weeks, as we release these videos through The Longmont Observer. Our hope is that these interview will,

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