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Longmont artist weaves a colorful tapestry of art and education

Brown's artistic journey began in a family where creativity flowed freely.
"Turning leaves of Autumn Under Two Moons" By Sara L. Boers Brown

Sara L. Broers Brown’s artistic journey — marked by a fusion of mediums and an unwavering connection to nature and shaped by a creative path that has been anything but linear — has resulted in a body of work that defies simple categorization.

Brown's artistic journey began in a family where creativity flowed freely. She remembers how her mother was an artist who had experience with various crafts like needlepoint and even taught in craft stores. Growing up, she was constantly surrounded by different forms of artistic expression, which nurtured her innate artistic abilities.

Brown pursued a higher education in art and teaching, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts with a concentration in painting. Her dedication to both her craft and teaching led her to become a licensed Colorado K-12 art educator. Teaching, for Brown, was more than a profession, it was a calling deeply ingrained in her family’s DNA. 

“I think it’s just in our blood to teach,” Brown said.

When asked about her artistic style, Brown candidly admits, “I don’t know if I have a straight style of painting.” 

Her humility aside, her work is evidence of a unique blend of influences and a deep appreciation for the natural world around her. While she has ventured into abstract painting, she emphasized her love for the vibrant and expressive use of shape and color.

Brown’s artistry was not limited to size as she experimented with various mediums and formats. She recalled her early fascination with large canvases, including a four-foot by four-foot piece featuring carousel horses. But she also enjoyed working on smaller projects, creating intricate watercolor postcards during her travels.

Brown’s heart continued to reside in creating large-scale art. She expressed a particular fondness for the 36 by 36-inch and 30- by 40-inch square formats, believing they provide the perfect canvas for her artistic vision. The challenge and thrill of working on such scales energizes her creative process.

One of the hallmarks of Brown’s artistic practice is her exploration of mixed media. Her work transcends the boundaries of traditional painting, often incorporating fabric, paper and other materials. This diverse approach allows her to breathe life into her art, infusing texture and depth into her creations.

Brown traced her affinity for mixed media back when she started quilting. The scraps of fabric left from her quilting projects found new life in her paintings, creating a unique interaction between the two creative outlets.

Brown’s journey has also been one of experimentation, a continuous exploration of various artistic forms. She ventured into creating shadow boxes, combining everyday objects like rolling pins and egg beaters with collage elements. 

“I’ve kind of gotten in and out of these things,” Brown noted, highlighting her ever-evolving artistic process.

When asked about what she hopes viewers take away from her artwork, Brown emphasized her desire to inspire personal narratives. Her art invites viewers to engage with their own emotions, memories and interpretations, allowing them to connect with the stories woven into her creations.

“I hope people, whenever they look at any of my stuff, will find a story inside themselves,” Brown said.

Brown’s journey has culminated in an upcoming gallery showing at the Firehouse Art Center in October aptly titled “Paint, Paper, and Piecing,” which aims to provide a harmonious blend of quilts and paintings, showcasing the multifaceted nature of her creative expression.