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Longmont musicians "Lean In" to new album, tour

“Lean In” released Oct. 6, with its first album release show at the Lariat in Buena Vista.

Local band David Lawrence and The Spoonful kicked off its tour for the release of its debut album “Lean In.” In the project lead by Longmont-based singer-songwriter, Lawrence reflects on the life he’s built in Colorado.

“Lean In” released Oct. 6, with its first album release show at the Lariat in Buena Vista. The five-concert tour will hit other Colorado cities throughout October including Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, Denver and Boulder.

Lawrence describes the 10-track album’s sound as “Americana roots” music, pulling from early blues, jazz and Western swing. His soulful storytelling lyrics and guitar-picking are supported by The Spoonful, a three-piece band of fiddle, upright bass and percussion.

“I think of Americana roots music as a link to all the old vintage classic styles of music that created American culture,” Lawrence said. “And all of these influences combine with my singer songwriter approach and original music to create this blend of original roots music that I love and am passionate about.”

Though “Lean In” is the band’s debut studio album, Lawrence has a longtime presence in Colorado's music scene performing on other projects LAPOMPE, Royal Street Ramblers and The Blind Pigs.

But The Spoonful’s “Lean In” stands out for Lawrence’s intimate reflection on the early stages of his relationship with his wife Yuko, which started shortly after the New Jersey-native moved to Colorado 12 years ago.

The title-track “Lean In” was written before Lawrence and his wife welcomed their now five-month-old baby. He said it’s his favorite song on the album, and encapsulates the project.

“I think just preparation of having our first child got me really thinking about the start of our relationship and and all the love that we've shared over the years and that kind of nervousness. The butterflies in your stomach when you are like having to lean in for that first kiss and how kind of nerve racking it is and hoping that they're gonna lean back or else you're gonna feel like a fool,” Lawrence said. “And that's kind of what the album is for me, like the album is leaning into the audience.”

The album, which was more than two years in the making, includes songs Lawrence wrote more than a decade ago and recently. He hopes that though it's a deeply personal project, audiences will resonate with the 10-track album chronicling what it’s like to fall in love.