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Tis the ski-son to get married

Dozens of couples ski down a mountain with marriage as their destination

It’s not an everyday sight to see wedding dresses and tuxedos gliding down a mountain on a pair of skis but in Loveland, this is nothing new. The stark white mountain is calm before the flurry of happy couples comes skiing down the hill ready to get married. 

The Loveland Ski Area hosts the Marry Me and Ski Free event every Valentine’s Day where couples can get married or renew their vows. A mountain top matrimony isn’t for everyone but about 80 to 100 snow sports lovers register for the annual event. 

Nikki and AJ Silverberg were one of the many couples who sealed the deal wearing full wedding attire and a pair of skis. The couple was planning a traditional fall wedding in 2020 but the pandemic altered their plans to include a little snow. 

“Because of the pandemic, we kept pushing it out but we were ready to be married. When they announced that they would do it for a limited group, we just signed up right away,” AJ Silverberg said. 

Some skiing skills are needed because the only way down from the mountain top is to ski. 

“I was so nervous because I was like ‘what if I fell while I was skiing and hurt myself or something and we couldn't do the thing?’ … but it was really fun to ski around,” Nikki Silverberg said. 

Red hearts had been spray painted on the snow at the top of the mountain, signaling the area Nikki and AJ Silverberg were to stand. An officiant gave a short speech, declaring them together for better and for worse, in sickness and in health and through skiing and snowboarding. Finally, the officiant pronounced the couple husband and wife.

An enthusiastic crowd attended their wedding through Zoom since the pandemic prevented a larger guest list. After a progression of photos against trees covered in Valentine’s Day decor, they headed down to the Loveland office to receive the final marriage license signing. 

“We celebrated back at the car with champagne and a toast,” AJ Silverberg added. 

When asked if they would choose the ski matrimony over a traditional wedding again, the couple didn’t hesitate to say “yes”. 

“A hundred percent. It was awesome,” Nikki Silverberg said, “Skiing and snowboarding is a huge part of our relationship and just a huge part of our life and so it was really special to us to mark our wedding with something that was a hundred percent authentic to us.”

This couple is one of many that has chosen marriage on a mountaintop instead of a traditional wedding. For 32 years, Loveland Ski Area has hosted an avalanche of weddings for those who desire marriage with a twist. 

“We have ‘love’ in the name of Loveland. It all made sense and fell into place 32 years ago,” said Loveland Ski Area’s Marketing Manager, Madison Yachinich.


Ivonne Olivas

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