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Colorado State Patrol in statewide operation for big game Sunday

Drivers urged to make a game plan for a sober ride if they are celebrating Super Bowl
Troopers will be on patrol before, during and after big game this Sunday

A big day for football fans will also be a big day for the Colorado State Patrol. 

This coming Sunday, Feb. 11, troopers across Colorado, in partnership with local jurisdictions, will be conducting strict enforcement operations to "help motorists make safe and responsible driving choices", according to a news release.

Some of the negative Super Bowl Sunday driving indicators Troopers say they will be looking for are lane violations, tailgating, speeding, and aggressive and careless driving behaviors. 

The majority of crashes are a result of choices made by drivers, including driving while impaired, speeding above the posted limit, behaving aggressively or driving while distracted, the State Patrol said.

Troopers will focus on highways in every region of Colorado that see high crash rates and volume.

"Each troop will also staff up during the peak time of day in their region, which could be before, during or after the big game," according to the release.

Coloradoans who intend to watch and celebrate the game away from their home are advised to make a plan in advance on how they will ensure a sober ride home.

A few tips to avoid meeting one of our troopers under less-than-ideal conditions are:

  • Pay close attention to speed limits. Speed limits are set for safety.
  • Put the distractions aside.
    • Place that cell phone out of reach and if it is that important, pull off at the next gas station or exit ramp. Please give it to your passengers and let them navigate those messages.
    • Open those snacks before you start driving and eat those messy meals somewhere other than behind the wheel.
    • Set your navigation and pick your music or other passenger entertainment before you begin your drive.
  • If you see dangerous or aggressive driving actions by another motorist, give them space. You can also pull over and call *CSP with a vehicle description and license plate. Let one of our troopers handle that dangerous issue.
  • NEVER drive impaired by alcohol or drugs.

Impaired driving continues to be the leading cause of Colorado crash fatalities with one out of every three traffic deaths in Colorado involving an impaired driver in 2023.

"As we approach one of the busiest drinking days of the year, plan ahead. No excuse is acceptable for those who lost a loved one to an intoxicated driver."