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Man frustrated with tailgating is arrested in road rage incident

The victim drove to the Longmont Police Department where the suspect confronted him.
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A man was arrested after displaying road rage and threatening another party with a gun.

On Thursday, a man driving a black sedan was headed north on Hwy 287 when a blue sedan drove up behind him. The driver of the black sedan told police the blue sedan was tailgating him and he "brake checked" the other driver. The other driver swerved around the black sedan and "cut in front of" the black sedan, according to a Longmont Police Report released Friday.

The driver of the black sedan also reported "being extremely upset by this driving behavior as it is unsafe and he gets tired of people tailgating," the report states.

The driver began following the blue sedan.

The driver of the blue sedan reported that the other driver waved a gun at him as he swerved around the black sedan. This driver stated he was going full speed when the black sedan entered the highway and came upon the black sedan quickly, according to the police report. 

The blue sedan driver got in front of the black sedan and maintained his position in the lane while calling 911, the report states. Dispatcher advised the blue sedan driver to make his way to the Longmont Safety and Justice, located at 255 Kimbark St.

Once there, the driver of the black sedan was seen exiting his car by an officer located on the second floor of the building. Officers exited the building and asked the black sedan driver to get on the ground, according to the report. The man complied and was handcuffed and read his Miranda Rights. 

In an interview with police officers, the driver of the black sedan said he was only trying to scare the other driver and "change his driving behavior," according to the report.

The driver of the black sedan was arrested in front of the Longmont Safety and Justice building and charged with felony menacing with a handgun and harassment. He was later transported to the Boulder County Jail. 

Any witnesses who may have observed this incident are asked to contact the Longmont Police Department at (303)651-8501 and reference case report 22-6637.

The Longmont Police shared the following tips on road rage:

  • Be aware that your driving behavior may set someone off. Never confront another driver. If you find yourself in a bad situation, change directions and drive to a safe location.
  • Be aware of your triggers. Leave early for destinations, avoid aggressive driving, and don't assume ill intent.
  • Remember, all drivers are going somewhere. Share the road and make room for other drivers. Never take enforcement into your own hands - consequences can be severe.

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