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Local business owner seeks to make services more accessible

Borowske keeps up to date with the latest heating and cooling technologies that can offer more affordable options

Eric Borowske entered the heating and air conditioning business around 15 years ago. Over the years he has worked for several companies along the Front Range. The one thing he hated about the business was having to walk out of a family’s home without making a repair because the family could not afford the fee. Now in his own business, he plans to change that.

Borowske’s business, Elemental Comfort Systems, offers heating, cooling and plumbing services for Boulder County and the surrounding Front Range region. 

“I started to notice in the field was a lack of compassion, extremely high prices and the quality of work is not what was promised to be. I started to see all of these shortcomings from multiple companies and I saw an opportunity for a company that takes care of their customers,” Borowske said. 

While working within the industry, Borowske has experienced several situations where he has had to walk away from a family that could not afford the service. He said he has witnessed families going without heat for an entire season and babies sleeping in freezing cold houses because the services other companies offered were too expensive. He believes that heat and air conditioning are essential to people being able to live comfortably. 

Borowske calculated the true costs of the services he offers and found them to be lower than others in the industry were charging. It inspired him to begin his own company, he said. 

“Nothing makes me feel better than to be able to show up and in the same day be able to get somebody’s heat turned on and their family warmed back up,” he said. 

In addition to making his services more affordable, he takes an innovative approach to helping families. Borowske keeps up to date with the latest heating and cooling technologies that can offer more affordable options. He also explores rebates that further reduce costs when he can.

“I want to make sure that I explore all different avenues for customers to have what they need,” he said. 

Elemental Comfort Systems is still working on its website but those who require service can contact Borowske at 303-880-2445 or via Facebook

Macie May

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