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Longmont’s Urban Field Pizza takes 7th in world pizza competition

The pizza is available at Urban Field Pizza until April 9
Nick Swanson poses with the pizza that won Urban Field Pizza seventh at the 39th Annual Pizza Expo

Urban Field Pizza Chef Nick Swanson feels that there is a romance to making a good pizza. 

“It seems like a simple thing, but there are so many areas you can go wrong with your dough,” he said. 

While this may be true, nothing went wrong as Swanson represented Longmont’s Urban Field Pizza in the 39th annual International Pizza Expo where he took seventh place.

Swanson entered into the pan pizza division as it most aligned with the style of pizza dough made at Urban Field Pizza. The dough is a special recipe that combines three different styles of pizza:; Detroit, Sicilian and Roman styles. 

“I like to think that I take the best of all three of those and put it into our dough,” Swanson said. 


Competing against 51 other people from around the world, Swanson wanted to combine an Urban Field Pizza menu classic — the Italiano — with a Carbonara Italian pasta dish. From that, he created a pan pizza with caramelized onion cream, fontina, parmesan, confit garlic, prosciutto di parma, arugula, spiced truffle oil, lemon zest, cured egg yolk, and Maldon sea salt. 

“It’s creamy, it's eggy … It’s full of flavor, so that’s kinda what I went for,” Swanson said.

Urban Field Pizza, located at 150 Main St., will celebrate its first anniversary on May 4 and is looking to expand into Boulder in the near future. Customers can sample the “Lucky Number 7” — the name of the award-winning pizza — through April 9. 

“It truly is an international competition … It’s bringing in the best of the best from all over the world … I was pretty dang excited when I heard I came in seventh place,” Swanson said. “We really put as much love as possible into these pies.”


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