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Longtucky Spirits' Vodka to Release on March 23rd

Longmont's community-focused micro distillery, Longtucky Spirits, will be releasing their newest spirit on Friday, March 23rd.
Longtucky Vodka
Howard Wallace (left), co-founder, and John Young (right), co-founder and general manager. (Sergio R. Angeles / Longmont Observer)

This content was originally published by the Longmont Observer and is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

Longmont's community-focused micro distillery, Longtucky Spirits, will be releasing their newest spirit on Friday, March 23rd. This is the first product of a new lineup created by Longtucky Spirits called the Bartender Series, meant to appeal to bartenders making craft cocktails.

The 80 proof vodka is made from 100% wheat mash using local ingredients "they could process from our backyard." That backyard comes from a Boulder County farmer named Paul Schlegel.

John Young, co-founder and general manager of Longtucky Spirits, stated that they "chose wheat because it would provide a nice, sweet and light kind of grain base."

"You know vodka is supposed to be neutral, but it's kind of the essence of flavor that defines vodka, and we thought the essence of 100% wheat mash would give it a nice light sweet grain of flavor," said Young.

After running it through their strip and still, their spirits still, and then re-distilling it, the end result is a triple distilled $40 ultra-premium bottle of vodka. And although Longtucky was not initially planning on making the spirit, they kept having people come in and ask for it.

"We've poured our heart and soul into it like we do with every product, but it's not our main product offering and it's not cheap," said Young. "It's a premium product, and I believe the package and the product within really, really support that."

The vodka will initially only be available for retail at Longtucky Spirits.

"We've had a couple retail outlets ask for it," said Young. "We want to see how the tasting room likes it and how it's perceived and how much we're going through."

As for new cocktails appearing on the menu, Young has crafted up a White Russian, a Salty Dog, and a Dirty Martini.

Young worked with Royal Crest Dairy to supply the half-and-half, which will be added to a cold press coffee "liquor of sorts", resulting in a White Russian.

The Salty Dog will consist of vodka, grapefruit, a salted rim, and "maybe a little salt in there." And while Longtucky Spirits has served gin martini's before, Dirty Martinis will also be available.

The new menu will also launch on Friday, March 23rd.

And as for the next release in the bartender series, Young stated that a bitter orange liquor, which will be "like a Compari but a Colorado version" will be produced next. A herbal liquor similar to Chartreuse, but with a Longtucky-spin, is also in the works.

"I'm a man who likes to please and I want to be able to provide folks with anything they ask for when it comes to spirits."

Longtucky Spirits is open Wednesday through Sunday and is located at 350 Terry St. Suite 120, Longmont, CO.