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New Novus franchise offers car services and sense of community

A franchise of Novus Glass opened its doors in Longmont on May 12

A sense of familiarity is observable among the employees of a new Novus Glass franchise in Longmont, which the team hopes will grow to encapsulate members of the Longmont community. 

At Novus, located at 900 South Hover Street, Longmont residents can receive services for all of their car’s glassware needs: windshield, window and headlight repairs and replacements, window tinting and more. 

Beyond offering cost effective and guaranteed quality car care, the Novus team aims to educate their customers about the importance of car safety, according to Novus’s Owner Andrew Kwang.

“Windshields are kind of an anomaly in that people see them everyday but they don’t understand the safety aspects behind them,” Kwang said. “We want to educate our customers and have them understand that getting it done right … is important.” 

Colorado’s landscape and climate make cars’ windshields in need of more frequent repairs and maintenance compared to those in other states, which is why Novus also puts an emphasis on its customer service. “We want people to come back to us,” Kwang said. 

While Novus franchises can be found internationally, Kwang’s decision to open a Novus in Longmont was not only the result of the area’s potential for a growing customer base. Instead, it was largely based on the opportunity to be recognized as a small business in a city which strongly values community, he said. 

“Being a part of the community is why we picked Longmont …We feel that Longmont has opportunities for small businesses and has opportunities for great businesses,” Kwang said. “On top of that, it still has a small town feel.” 

Moreover, “we love all the customers who walk through the door,” Kwang said. “It’s great that we see a variety of customers. One day we’re working on Mercedes and Porches and the next day we’re working on farm trucks and old Jeeps. It’s a lot of fun.”

Novus’s six technicians, front office manager and Alexa Lester, Novus’s marketing manager, share a history of working for Kwang, the owner of one of Amazon’s Delivery Service Partner Programs.

From the program – at which the entire Novus team started out as package delivery employees – Kwang hand-picked people who he felt had more professional potential to help him open the Novus franchise, he said. 

“My guys who delivered the most amount of packages, did it with a smile everyday and worked six days a week to make sure every customer got their package are the guys who came over to Novus, because I wanted that same level of customer service, dedication to the job and dedication to the customer here,” Kwang said. 

Lester’s college degree in finance and a lifelong interest in marketing are being utilized for the first time at Novus, where she feels lucky to be expanding her professional potential, she said. 

“I did not expect any of this when I started at Amazon,” Lester said. “The fact that I’m able to do something now that I don’t even feel like is work is phenomenal, and it’s so cool to cultivate my marketing skills that I haven’t been able to work on for so long.” 

Lester, along with her coworkers at Novus, “don’t want people feeling like they are just another number on the books,” she said. “We want them to feel like they’re family and well taken care of.”