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City council approves of Longmont voting ward changes

Updated map will better balance populations and voters between the city’s three wards for upcoming election
This map depicts the proposed ward boundary adjustments for Longmont, which would add three precincts (crosshatched) to Ward Three.

Longmont ward boundaries will be slightly different for November’s election, pending council approval.

Longmont is divided into three wards, with each electing a council member to represent their interests. Boundaries are reviewed at least every 10 years to ensure that each ward has approximately the same number of residents.

The proposed map presented to Longmont City Council on Tuesday would shift three voting precincts to Ward Three, the northwest segment of Longmont, to better balance populations. The precincts to be shifted to Ward Three include the northwestern corner of Ward One  and the two northernmost precincts of Ward Two.

By charter, the wards must balance populations, racial quality, remain compact and contiguous as much as possible, protect communities of interest, not change the district of an existing council member and not favor or disfavor a political party. The wards must also balance the percentage of voters in a ward to not deviate by more than 5% over or under.

Council unanimously approved the wards during the first reading on Tuesday. Council will hold a public hearing and is expected to approve the wards at the June 6 meeting.