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City Council pushed to enact gun control laws

Ordinances have drawn lawsuits
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A former city councilor and a resident Tuesday night challenged the city council to pass gun control measures that they say will save lives.

“We have the right… to go to movies and go grocery shopping without being murdered,” former councilor Polly Christensen told the city council. “If the city council can ban smoking from downtown, the city council can ban guns from downtown.”

Christensen said only Mayor Joan Peck has supported a gun ban in the city. “Have the courage to do the same and back a gun violence…ordinance.” Christensen’s comments came during the public invited to be heard portion of a city council study session.

 Councilors have said an ordinance would not be effective since Longmont residents would go to communities with no gun laws on the books to buy guns. Councilor Tim Waters said a more comprehensive approach to limiting gun violence is needed, including community conversations.

Boulder County as well as Boulder County municipalities have passed gun control ordinances and have drawn lawsuits from gun rights groups.

Still, the city council appears to be waiting for another mass shooting before it takes action, resident Stan Gelb said. “What are you waiting for? What will it take for you to do something?” Gelb told the council.

“I urge you…I plead with you to take action now,” he said.