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City will not be bringing back Longmont Triathlon for 40th year

Registration still open for this month’s Kids Tri and Try-A-Tri
Triathlete running in to the water on triathlon race. Stock photo

The longest running triathlon in the state will not be returning anytime soon, according to Longmont officials.

The full Longmont Triathlon was last held in 2019 for its 39th annual race. In 2020, the race was planned for a new date and venue but all races were canceled because of the pandemic.

According to Longmont Recreation Program Coordinator Samanthan Calhoon, the city did not host the full Triathlon in 2021 due to budget constraints. However, Longmont did host the Kids Only Triathlon and Try-A-Tri at the Longmont Recreation Center last year.

On Aug. 20, the city will be hosting the 17th Annual Kids Only Triathlon and the 10th Annual Try-A-Tri. The Try-A-Tri is a shorter competition than a traditional triathlon, with a 200 yard swim, five mile bike and 1.2 mile run as compared to a full triathlon with 525 yards of swimming, 12 miles of biking and 3.1 miles of running.

The full Longmont Triathlon was the longest running in Colorado, according to city materials for the 2019 race.

Calhoon said Longmont doesn’t have any current plans to bring back the full Triathlon.

“We’ve really been focused on bringing youth and first time racers into the sport, so we’re offering the Kids Only Triathlon and the Try-A-Tri for now,” she said. “We are partnering with TriShop this year because their mission to make the sport more accessible fell perfectly in line with our goals for these races. We’re really excited to see the enthusiasm for the sport!”

Online registration for this year’s races will be accepted until noon Aug. 18