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Colorado designated a quantum tech hub

Governor Jared Polis said this should accelerate the development of the industry while creating new, good-paying jobs for Coloradans
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Colorado has been designated as a quantum tech hub.

On Monday, Governor Jared Polis along with the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT) announced that our state and the TechHubNow! Initiative have secured a federal designation as a Regional Technology and Innovation Hub (Tech Hub) focused on the advancement of the quantum industry.

In a news release, Polis said this should accelerate the development of the industry while creating new, good-paying jobs for Coloradans. 

“We will take full advantage of this decision to help create jobs, and support businesses and entrepreneurs because Colorado is the best place for quantum technology and related innovation,” he stated.

Quantum computing alone is projected to drive $3.5 trillion in economic growth, with applications in finance, artificial intelligence, and materials analysis already gaining traction.

Colorado is one of only two states with multiple large-scale quantum computing companies and the only state with significant quantum infrastructure players in both quantum optics and low-temperature quantum systems.

Atom Computing, Infleqtion, Maybell, Quantinuum, and others call Colorado home while four Colorado scientists have won Nobel Prizes for quantum research. 

“Quantum will be as important to the next century as semiconductors were to the last, and Colorado is leading the way,” said Corban Tillemann-Dick, CEO of Maybell Quantum and Chair of the Elevate Quantum Tech Hub consortium. 

“With this Tech Hub designation, we can accelerate the industry’s development and commercialization while creating accessible jobs for Coloradans.”

The average quantum job pays over $125,000 per year and many don’t require an advanced degree. 

The share of technician positions is projected to double in five years as the industry’s need for skilled trades like welding, pipe fitting and machining grows. 

Elevate Quantum also plans to invest in workforce development and promote diversity, equity, inclusion, access and belonging with the goal of helping 30,000 workers develop new skills for quantum jobs and ensuring equitable access to the industry.