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Construction on the CO 119 Bikeway is on Track to Start This Fall

Some design changes are still in the approval process
The Bikeway would come between CO 119 to connect to Fourmile Canyon Creek trail approximately where the people in this photo are standing.

Boulder County announced that the bikeway planned for the CO 119 construction project will begin in the fall with some alterations to the original plan.

When first designed the plan called for a bike underpass at 63rd Street. While scoping out the area, designers discovered that a large underground water line runs through the area. The planned underpass would force the county to move the waterline which would cost more than $3 million and delay the completion of the project by a year. 

County designers suggested a solution create an overpass instead. The overpass would be the same steepness as the underpass and meet ADA requirements with no grades steeper than 5%. The overpass will be longer than the planned underpass.

Also during the final design process, the team examined solutions to connect the CO 119 bikeway to the Fourmile Canyon Creek Trail. The team considered user experiences, cost, out of direction travel and project delays.

The suggested solution will keep the bikeway in the CO 119 median to the Fourmile Canyon Creek trail. A bridge will be constructed over Fourmile Canyon Creek and will be under the 2-5 year floodplain. Occasional detours along the path will be rerouted to Jay Road and 47th Street. 

Approval for the changes will be brought before the Boulder County Commissioners.


Macie May

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