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Downtown Boulder employees vie in "Office Olympics"

The event was part of Downtown Boulder Partnership's Employee Appreciation Week

Employees of downtown Boulder businesses competed against one another in the “Office Olympics” on Wednesday afternoon, an event thrown by Downtown Boulder Partnership as part of its 2022 Employee Appreciation Week. 

The tournament took place in front of the Boulder County Courthouse on Pearl Street, where nine businesses each formed a team of six employees and competed in two heats.

The series of challenges faced by teams included a water blaster biathlon, where competitors had to spin in circles before using a water gun to shoot plastic cups off a table. Others participated in office tennis where, instead of rackets and balls, teams of two used clipboards in efforts to keep a crumpled piece of paper from hitting the ground. A real crowd pleaser, junk in the trunk, required individuals to strap a tissue box full of ping pong balls to their back and move around until all of the balls fell out.

By the end of the event, JVA Consulting Engineers emerged as the winning team — earning them the Employee Appreciation Traveling Trophy and a $25 Downtown Boulder Gift Card for each team member. 

Despite only one team winning prizes, Wednesday’s event “was just a way to engage with the employees downtown and show them that we appreciate them,” Katherine Shanahan, the membership engagement manager of Downtown Boulder Partnership said. 

Following a two year break from holding the Office Olympics due to the pandemic, “it’s exciting to be able to have it in person this year,” Shanahan added. 

For many of the teams present, the day was dedicated to building their office’s ability to work together as a team. 

“The team-building was the best part of today,” Kyle Fittje from Out Boulder Fitness said. “We work together all the time but it’s not often we get to do fun stuff together like this …. Especially on such a beautiful day.”

The Office Olympics were followed by a reception at the Bohemian Biergarten on Pearl Street, where participating teams were invited to enjoy happy hour on the Downtown Boulder Partnership’s tab.