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Drink Review: Basil Gimlet--Longtucky Spirits

Let's start out with the disclaimer. I’m not big on mixed drinks, and I don’t usually enjoy gin.
Basil Gimlet–Longtucky Spirits (Photo by Longmont Observer)

This content was originally published by the Longmont Observer and is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

Basil Gimlet
Longtucky Spirits

Let's start out with the disclaimer. I’m not big on mixed drinks, and I don’t usually enjoy gin. This drink is delightful, light, refreshing, and goes down very smooth. A perfect drink to sip in some shade during on a sunny day. What’s probably the most delightful part is that you can taste all the ingredients. Nothing is overpowering in this drink. The florals from the gin play nicely with those of the basil. The whole thing is accented by the lime, not dominated by it. Delightful.

Review Scale:

0/5 Not fit for man nor beast

0.5/5 Have I wronged you somehow that you would offer this to me?

1/5 Not enjoyable

2/5 Drinkable (The base line.  Where one does not cringe upon tasting it)

3/5 A decent beverage.

4/5 A very good beverage that I am willing to spend my money to drink.

4.5/5 Sweet nectar

5/5 …