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Flood-ravaged mobile home park slated for redevelopment

Site for affordable housing
South Sunset Street Bridge over St Vrain Creek during the 2013 Flood


Longmont is eyeing the redevelopment of land that used to be the site of the Royal Mobile Home Park for an affordable housing development.

The Royal Mobile Park was essentially wiped out by the 2013 flood and the city purchased the three-acre parcel of land for $2.62 million for flood mitigation. The city reworked the site so it is no longer in a flood plain. 

Longmont is now awaiting final approval from the Federal Emergency Management Agency - or FEMA - to move ahead with its redevelopment, Molly O’Donnell, Longmont’s Housing and Community Investment Manager said Tuesday.

The city also wants to make sure any construction on the site will not interfere with a nearby riparian corridor, O’Donnell said. 

“It’s a unique area and we want to make sure we have room to develop,” O’Donnell said of the 3.5 acre parcel at 10 Prince Street.

Longmont hopes to build an affordable apartment complex on the site that will be served by a planned transit center at First and Main Street, City Manager Harold Dominguez said.

No formal plans have been drawn yet and there is no indication how many apartments will be built, he said.