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Letter to the editor: Brian Bagley, not seeking third term as mayor

After 10 years of service, Mayor Brian Bagley passes the torch with advice to voters.
Bagley 2017
Mayor Brian Bagley

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Dear Longmont:

I would like to thank Longmont for the opportunity I have had to serve on city council for the past decade. First, as a city council member representing Ward One for six years, and second, as Longmont’s mayor for the past four. It has been a singularly unique and satisfying experience to serve my neighbors in this leadership capacity.

I have been fortunate to find myself at the table as Longmont has faced and overcome challenges, and as we have found ways to capitalize on many extraordinary opportunities. Now, after ten years of public service, I feel it is appropriate to step aside, so that another may have the opportunity to carry the baton of city leadership. As such, after two consecutive terms of serving as your mayor, I have decided to opt out of running for a third term. It is appropriate for me to adjust my focus to my personal responsibilities, which are primarily my children and personal relationships.

Longmont is blessed with many individuals who would be highly qualified to serve as our next mayor  or as a member of city council. However, I would caution my fellow Longmonsters to choose a mayor who is not beholden to local political activists or special interest groups. We need a mayor  and a city council  who will set aside party ideology and not give special privilege to their friends or political allies. We need a mayor who thinks and acts independently, one who is always willing and able to stand up for our community and who will avoid succumbing to outside influence. Local government should have no R’s (Republicans) or D’s (Democrats). There should only be Longmont.

Although my days of public office will come to an end this November 2021, I will remain active in and forever dedicated to our community, and I will strive to make positive contributions in many other ways. Thank you again for this wonderful experience.

With much appreciation,

Brian J. Bagley

Mayor of Longmont