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Letter to the Editor: Tim Waters announces candidacy for Longmont mayor

"I am confident I can provide the kind of mayoral leadership Longmont needs as we transition from the current era to the next."
Tim Waters speaks to City Manager Harold Dominguez prior to a council meeting in 2019

Today, I am pleased to announce my candidacy for mayor in the 2021 city of Longmont election.

My service on city council as the representative from Ward 1, my understanding of both the challenges and the opportunities facing the city and the relationships I’ve developed within the organization and throughout the city will serve me well if fortunate enough to be elected as Longmont’s next mayor.

The last 12 months have likely been the most remarkable and challenging in our lives. The post-pandemic future will bring new challenges and opportunities for each of us, individually and collectively, as a community. It is in anticipation of the post-pandemic future and the quality of elected leadership, I believe municipalities like Longmont will need, that I have made the decision to run for this office.

If the quality of a city’s elected leadership mattered in the pre-pandemic past, it will be even more critical in the post-pandemic future. Vision, experience, character, integrity, independence, responsibility, reliability and accountability of elected leadership may very well differentiate communities that recover quickly, with resilience and with stability, from those that do not. I am confident I can provide the kind of mayoral leadership Longmont needs as we transition from the current era to the next.

When I ran for City Council in a 2018 special election, I was largely unknown to most Longmont voters.  Three years later, Longmont residents can evaluate if I am now who I said I was then. I promised clarity on the positions I would take; transparency on how I arrived at my positions; accountability for my decisions and actions and leadership on the priorities I saw as critical for the city. I clearly hope I’ve earned the trust of residents to lead, as Longmont’s mayor, through the transition from an uncertain, isolated and frustrating pandemic to a post-pandemic future that reflects our best hopes for a more equitable, healthy, prosperous, resilient, civil, collaborative, inclusive and sustainable community.