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Letters of Thanks: For broadening our thinking

What is the meaning of a good life?

A theme of immense gratitude has emerged from nonprofit organizations throughout Longmont throughout the year and the pandemic. In a series of letters throughout the day, Longmont nonprofit organizations are sending out their heartfelt thanks to the Longmont community for the support they have received. The Longmont Leader accepts contributions, photos, and op-eds for publication from community members, business leaders and public officials on local topics. Publication will be at the discretion of the editor and published opinions do not represent the views of the Longmont Leader or its staff. To submit a contribution, email

What is the meaning of a good life? Is happiness more than chemicals flowing through our brains? Does life have a purpose?

These are the types of questions we ask ourselves and the Longmont community every day as a Philosophy for Children and Communities nonprofit. We don’t know the answers, but we do know that being a part of your lives has brought meaning, happiness, and purpose to our organization.

While exploring the "Big Questions" of life with you, we’ve found camaraderie, faced personal challenges, celebrated individuality, talked amicably about hot-button issues and improved performance in work or school, all while sharing a love of wisdom. We call this a Community of Inquiry and it is one formed on critical and creating thinking, collaboration, caring and a deep gratitude for you all.

We have seen that communities that think together, grow together. We are so thankful to be part of the Longmont community and for how much we have grown together over the past years. Because of you, we’ve also welcomed into our local community philosophers of all ages from more than 20 countries and 20 states!

Thank you, Longmont, for being the foundation of our philosophical family. 

- Grey Havens Philosophy

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