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Letters of Thanks: Grateful for priceless gifts

May blessings be upon you; Happy Thanksgiving Day!
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The OUR Center team

A theme of immense gratitude has emerged from nonprofit organizations throughout Longmont throughout the year and the pandemic. In a series of letters throughout the day, Longmont nonprofit organizations are sending out their heartfelt thanks to the Longmont community for the support they have received. The Longmont Leader accepts contributions, photos, and op-eds for publication from community members, business leaders and public officials on local topics. Publication will be at the discretion of the editor and published opinions do not represent the views of the Longmont Leader or its staff. To submit a contribution, email [email protected].

We are grateful for the ones who come to sit down for a meal
Who take the time to share with us the gratitude they feel.
For the volunteers who come each week to make sure all are fed
Who work the market line to provide some daily bread.
Thank you to the ones who greet our visitors each day
And make sure we are respectful in all we do and say.
For those who work behind the scenes or pick up food from stores
They make our jobs so light and handle many chores.
To those who donate money to help others remain strong
So we can help others feel like they belong.
To you who advocate for those who do without
We don’t often give you enough of a shout.
For those who come here that are just barely getting by
Your courage is inspiring; we see how hard you try.
These many gifts are priceless; they’re the reason we all stay.
May blessings be upon you; Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Elaine Klotz
OUR Center Development Director