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Letters of Thanks: Thankful for helping hands

The trust between our agency and our community of clients is strong because they know they are heard

A theme of immense gratitudehas emerged from nonprofit organizations throughout Longmont throughout the year and the pandemic. In a series of letters throughout the day, Longmont nonprofit organizations are sending out their heartfelt thanks to the Longmont community for the support they have received. The Longmont Leader accepts contributions, photos, and op-eds for publication from community members, business leaders and public officials on local topics. Publication will be at the discretion of the editor and published opinions do not represent the views of the Longmont Leader or its staff. To submit a contribution, email

The El Comité de Longmont staff, board, and clients are immensely grateful for the support our community has shown us over the past year and a half.

We are a small agency that had to reduce hours and were at risk of shutting down at one point during the lockdown. Since the pandemic, we have had an exponentially increasing need from clients whether that be with rent/financial assistance, to unpaid wages, needing an attorney or to get vaccinated!  

We were thankfully able to secure more than enough funding from community agencies and foundations, individual donations and government grants to continue our essential work and make more strides toward our mission.

We have grown from four staff members to now six staff members over the course of these months.

Our clients stream in daily for case management or education classes or assistance with their citizenship applications. We have expanded and improved our services during the pandemic and have plans to resume our learning sessions that we had to put on pause due to COVID-19.

The trust between our agency and our community of clients is strong because they know they are heard, understood and given the best service in our office. We have helped those being taken advantage of by employers or systems and stepped in when language is acting as a barrier for our clients.  

We could not have done our work without the helping hands and love from our community.  We appreciate you all very much.  Thank you. 

El Comité de Longmont

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