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Local Pastors Launch New Video Series On Prayer

In this series, we're really declaring just that: prayer matters.
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Created by Matthew Spence

This content was originally published by the Longmont Observer and is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

Welcome to Longmont Prays

Hey everybody, my name is Matthew Spencer and I want to welcome you to our latest interview series called, "Longmont Prays." I'm launching this series with a group of Longmont area pastors and ministry leaders, and I'm so honored to be given this opportunity to help facilitate this conversation on why prayer is a high priority and important value for our city and community.

Why Prayer?

"Why prayer?", you may ask. Well, I'll tell you. In the book of Jeremiah we read,

"Also, seek the peace and prosperity of the city...Pray to the Lord for it, because if it prospers, you too will prosper." Jeremiah 29:7 (NIV).

So, we are to pray for these two things: 1) the peace and 2) the prosperity of our city. I think you can get on board with that, right?

God tells us that we are to pray for those two things because if our city is prosperous and has peace, our families will have peace, and our families will prosper. Our churches will prosper. Our businesses will prosper. Who doesn't want peace, who doesn't want prosperity? It's so important that we pray for those two things.

Regarding this interview series, I thought, who better qualified to talk about spirituality and prayer than the spiritual leaders of our city? So, we did 15 interviews with Longmont area pastors and ministry leaders.

In these interviews, we talk about the importance of prayer and why prayer is such a high priority and value for our city. In this series, we're really declaring just that: prayer matters.

And in the coming weeks, we will be releasing these interviews for you.

What do I hope this series will accomplish?

1) I hope that in these interviews you will hear the heart of every leader and get a taste of their personal relationship with God, and I hope that their lives and experiences will draw you to know God. And that you would desire a relationship with Him in prayer.

2) I hope that this series will encourage you to develop your own personal prayer life and that you would begin to pray everyday somehow.

3) That you would become aware of the need to pray for the peace and prosperity our city Longmont, and that you would begin to pray for our great city regularly. (And if you live in a different city, I hope you will begin to pray for your own community as well).

In the coming weeks, we will be releasing these videos on the Longmont Observer. We hope you enjoy them and share them with your friends!

To find out more please check out our Facebook page (Click HERE) or go to our YouTube channel (Click HERE). Also, check out and use the hashtag #LongmontPrays.