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Longmont Out Loud breaks the mold and brings the LOLs

One of the highlights of the evening will be the featured stand-up comedian, Emily Kingsley.
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Longmont Out Loud, LOL, is a production company with a mission to create a safe, inclusive and collaborative space. Audrey Grace, founder of LOL, has poured her passion for performance and creative expression into this undertaking, which aims to be an uplifting addition to the local arts.

Since its inception in January 2023, LOL has hosted two prior events, both of which were open stages at The Times Collaborative and showcased a total of 20 different performers and artists. 

“It would be great if our community doesn’t have to leave the city to go get culture. It’s great to go to the Dairy Arts Center and see their shows, or to go to Denver comedy houses. Those are great field trips, but how wonderful is it if we can just stay in Longmont to go see Longmont talent,” Grace said.

Grace discovered her love for performance in high school, including a memorable first audition at the Longmont Theatre for “Steel Magnolias” in ninth grade. Although she didn’t land the role due to her young age, the experience left an indelible mark. Her path then took another significant turn when she encountered Playback Theater West, an improv group known for playing back stories in an improvisational format. 

Grace evolved from establishing a college improv club to running a small business with classes and bar shows. Her improv journey took her to Chicago for long-form training at Improv Olympic and the Annoyance Theater. Later, in Southern California, she delved into short-form improv and studied ensemble processes at the Esalen Institute. 

Armed with a diverse artistic background, Grace returned to Longmont with a vision. She fused long-form, short-form improv, theater and ensemble-based improvisation, giving birth to Longmont Out Loud.

“My mission was to start performing, paying performers for their work, which sounds kind of obvious, but it actually, you know, in the theater world, and in the world of performance and improv, so often, we just do it for free for the passion,” Grace said.

Grace’s dream became a reality in January 2023 when she founded Longmont Out Loud as a registered LLC. Her aspiration was not merely to create an improv group but to establish a production company. This shift allowed her to encompass a broader range of fine and performing arts. 

The first two shows were not typical open mics limited to poetry, stand-up or music. Instead, they provided a platform for artists to bring any performing talent to the stage, breaking down traditional genre barriers. An artist created live art during one of these performances, illustrating the creative freedom that characterizes LOL.

“This fills a niche that actually isn’t in Longmont yet ... there’s something there for everyone,” Grace said.

LOL’s next event, “The Momedy Club: Escape from the Holidays,” takes place on December 8 and 9 at the Stewart Auditorium. The night promises a musical pre-show from 7:00 to 7:30 p.m. The main event unfolds as a two-hour extravaganza featuring storytelling, stand-up comedy, music and short films, including Jesse Rodriguez of Handprinted Movies.

One of the highlights of the evening will be the featured stand-up comedian, Emily Kingsley, who runs a comedy group called “The Matriarchy” in Denver. “The Momedy Club” serves as a welcoming space for all, and the name itself reflects Grace’s personal connection to the event. 

Grace likes to use the word curate when it comes to forming the lineup to ensure a seamless flow of performances, much like curating art in a gallery. As a host she likes to provide continuity, serving as the glue that holds everything together and keeps the audience engaged.

“The Momedy Club is just a call out to one: that I’m a mom. Two: that I’m a fan of comedy. Three: that I’m a sucker for a good pun. And four: this is kind of like a clubhouse for everybody to come and bring their talent and show it,” Grace said.