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Longmont United doctors named physicians of the year

Both are longtime physicians in the emergency room
Dr. Adam Rush and Dr. Herb Ogden

The Longmont United Hospital Foundation recognized two doctors for their contributions.

Dr. Adam Rush was named Physician of the Year, and Dr. Herb Ogden was named Planetree Physician of the Year. Both doctors have decades of experience, including in the emergency department at Longmont United Hospital.

Rush has been an emergency physician at Longmont United for 13 years. He began his career in the late 1990s as a technician in the ER.

In January 2020, Rush became the Medical Staff President just as COVID-19 was being identified as a serious threat. He said his mission is to foster an environment where effective teams can provide excellent patient care.

“The focus on respect for humanity and whole person care that LUH has championed through the years has guided my clinical practice,” Rush said. “I'm surrounded by excellent surgeons, cardiologists, emergency physicians, internal medicine and critical care physicians and others — and I am honored to be recognized by such a quality group of providers as the physician of the year.”

Ogden is a longtime emergency department physician with over 30 years of medical experience and is an advocate for person-centered care. He utilizes the many resources at Longmont United, including psychiatric assessment, case management, pharmacy, Gold Seal Myocardial Infarction Certification and Stroke Center Excellence.

“Ironically or perhaps poetically, I was part of an LUH team that went on a site visit in the early 2000’s to a Planetree Hospital in Nebraska as Longmont considered becoming a Planetree facility,” Ogden said. “We were credentialed and approved the following year, so this award is a large circle that has come back to me. It is an honor to be recognized for quality patient care. Ultimately, the physician-patient relationship is what matters most and where the ‘art of medicine’ has value and meaning.”

Editor's note: This article has been updated with the correct spelling of Dr. Herb Ogden's name.