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Longs Peak Chorus delivers its annual Singing Valentines

Recipients can expect a heartwarming musical experience
Barbershop Quartet delivering a Singing Valentine

Roses and chocolate-covered strawberries are sent out to loved ones across the country on Valentine’s Day. In Longmont and surrounding areas, loved ones can also expect to receive a singing extravaganza. 

A quartet within the Longs Peak Chorus, the Longmont Barbershop Chapter, has delivered singing Valentines for 33 years and isn’t expecting to slow down anytime soon. 

For a fee, the quartet will travel to a loved one and serenade them with a love song. At the end of the singing valentine, the recipient is handed a rose. 

“Most of the people we sing for are ladies, but once in a while, we will be asked to sing for a man. The men are usually really embarrassed, but they still appreciate the attention,” said Dave Waddell, quartet member. 

Waddell has sung in the Longs Peak Chorus for 54 years and has participated in the Singing Valentines project for 30 years. The Singing Valentines is one of the top contenders for the most rewarding and enjoyable experiences the chorus has to offer, according to Waddell. 

Receivers of the singing valentine are overwhelmed with emotion, the chorus noted. 

“We get to see many forms of emotion from laughing to crying. Sometimes as a member of the singing quartet, I get a little emotional myself but that is the fun of it”, Waddell said. 

The Singing Valentines project will be an annual occurrence as long the quartet has members, the chorus announced.

“We always look forward to February 14,” Waddell said. 

If interested in sending a Singing Valentine to a loved one, contact the chorus at [email protected] or call 502-250-4426.