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McIntosh Lake wins annexation into the city

City will maintain the area
Lake McIntosh
Lake McIntosh. Photo by Instagram user alan_outdoors.


City Council Tuesday night approved the annexation of the 280-acre McIntosh Lake and adjacent city-owned property in unincorporated Boulder County into Longmont.

David Bell, Longmont’s natural resource manager, told the council that bringing the lake and properties into the city ensures that the lake and adjoining parcels will be better maintained at  the popular local landmark.

City crews would be the first to respond to any problems at the lake, Bell said. “This brings it more into the city’s control, we can manage it as a more holistic property.”

McIntosh Lake and the adjacent parcels are located roughly south of Colo. 66, north of 17th Avenue and Lakeshore Drive and west of Harvard Street in unincorporated Boulder County.

McIntosh Lake has been a city-maintained recreation facility owned by the Lake McIntosh River Company. In 2002, the city entered a recreation lease with the LMRC to conduct various programs for residents including kayaking and paddle boarding, the staff report states.

The city entered into a joint management agreement with Boulder County in 2006 in which both agencies agreed to share responsibilities for managing the surrounding open space parcels around Lake McIntosh that are located within unincorporated Boulder County. That included patrolling and enforcement of local ordinances, rules, regulations, policies and plans, the staff report states.

The proposal for the property calls for a Public zoning designation, consistent with the property’s current land use as a public recreation facility and park, according to a city staff report to the city council.