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Motus Theater announces new season of performances

Fall 2023 season highlights transgender and non-binary voices, as well as people who are formerly incarcerated or undocumented on the frontlines of America’s most pressing social issues
JustUs (8 of 8)
(L to R) Victor Mestas, Marta Loachamin, Daniel Guillory, Dereck Bell, Robert Johnson, Madelyn Strong Woodley and Juaquin Mobley

Motus Theater, renowned for its commitment to using art as a transformative vehicle for social change, is proud to announce its robust lineup of fall events for 2023. Through a series of evocative performances across Colorado and in Washington, D.C., Motus Theater will amplify marginalized voices, celebrate diverse stories, and confront systemic issues, from anti-trans rhetoric and policy to criminal legal reform. Running the gamut from national issues to the hyperlocal response to the historic 2013 Colorado Flood, Motus’ artistic vision brings communities together. 

“Each year, we strive to put forward programming that supports community conversation, and that gives a platform to voices that need to be heard if we are going to create more humane and equitable policies and solutions,” says Artistic Director Kirsten Wilson. “This season encapsulates our mission and vision perfectly, and we are excited to share these powerful stories in Colorado and Washington D.C.”

Event highlights include:

WORLD PREMIERE: Motus Theater’s TRANSformative Stories (Nov 12, eTown Hall, Boulder)

A groundbreaking autobiographical monologue performance celebrating the artfully crafted stories of transgender and non-binary leaders about their hopes, dreams, and experiences of negotiating oppression and liberation. This premiere seeks to celebrate the humanity, joy, and gifts of gender diverse leaders who are on the frontlines of dehumanizing rhetoric and policies.

JustUs: Stories from the Frontlines of the Criminal Legal System (Sept 19, Washington D.C.)

This collaborative event shines a spotlight on the devastating impact of the American criminal legal system. In collaboration with the Office of the Attorney General for the District of Columbia, and featuring Attorney General Brian L. Schwalb co-reading the story of a Motus JustUs monologist who was formerly incarcerated, this evocative presentation will interweave stirring monologues with the musical resonances of Colorado’s Spirit of Grace. This performative collaboration aims to challenge injustice in the criminal legal system with a focus on the impact on juveniles.

UndocuAmerica: “Reclaiming Our Presence” (Starting Nov 3, Redline Contemporary Arts Center, Denver)

A poignant indoor art exhibit born in response to acts of vandalism targeting murals of Motus’ monologists who are undocumented. It stands as a testament to the resilience and indomitable spirit of the undocumented community.

UndocuAmerica: Stories from the Frontlines of Immigration Policy (Sept 28, Christ the Servant Lutheran Church)

A poignant performance shedding light on the immigrant experience, underscoring the challenges faced in the backdrop of ever-evolving immigration policies. Pastor Stephanie Lord will step into the shoes of an immigrant rights leader co-read an autobiographical monologue 

Motus Playback Improv Theater Special Performances

Throughout the fall, Motus will host several improv theater nights where participants' stories from various walks of life come alive onstage, fostering an environment of shared experiences and collective catharsis. Locations include Louisville Center for the Arts (Sept 30), Mary Miller Theater in Lafayette featuring JustUs monologist Marquitta Brown (Dec 2), and the Carsen Theater at Dairy Arts Center in Boulder (Dec 9).

Tickets for all shows are available for purchase at Media inquiries and interview requests can be directed to Motus Theater Director of Communications, Engagement & Development Cristian Solano-Cordova at [email protected] or (720) 434-4632.