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Podcast: An Interview About SRO's (School Resource Officers) With Chief Mike Butler And Sgt. Craig Mortensen

Mike Butler, Craig Mortensen, Scott Converse
Source: Scott Converse

This content was originally published by the Longmont Observer and is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

Sgt. Craig Mortensen and Chief Mike Butler of Longmont's Public Safety organization sit down with Scott Converse, publisher of the Longmont Observer, and talk about School Resources Officers (SROs), how safe our schools are and what the school district and the police department do to ensure our kids are well taken care of.
Some of the areas covered include how often SROs are in the schools, the differences between an SRO and other Longmont police officers, the training SROs get, who pays for the SROs, how they integrate with the schools, the staff and the students, along with several other topics.
If you're interested in how Longmont Schools and our local Police Department work to keep our schools safe, this is well worth watching/listening to.

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You can also watch this interview as a video on youtube by clicking here.