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Pray For Something New

Pastor Matthew Spencer of Christ Church International sat down with Pastor Apolonio (Sonny) Castilleja of Trinity Baptist Church to discuss the value and importance that prayer has in our city, Longmont.
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Created by Matthew Spence

This content was originally published by the Longmont Observer and is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

By Matthew Spencer

LONGMONT - Pastor Matthew Spencer of Christ Church International sat down with Pastor Apolonio (Sonny) Castilleja of Trinity Baptist Church to discuss the value and importance that prayer has in our city, Longmont.

He shared his heart for our community, emphasizing and encouraging us to pray that God would do something new here.

Prayer Restores Our Fellowship With God

The first point that Pastor Sonny discussed was that of intimacy. Prayer is about intimacy. When you spend time with someone you can begin to develop intimacy with that person. Pastor Sonny simplified the idea of intimacy by coining the phrase "in-to-me-see". Intimacy is beginning to see into a person by spending time with them. God's original intent was to have intimate fellowship with us. Pastor Sonny said,

"God, when He created humanity....would come down and walk every afternoon with Adam and Eve, and He would fellowship with them because that was the whole purpose of Him coming down was to communicate with Adam."

Pastor Sonny shared how our fellowship with God was broken through Adam and Eve's sin. But God has now restored that to us (through Jesus Christ). And one of the ways we can now experience this restored intimacy with God is through prayer. God still wants to talk with us!

Pray "Automatic Prayers"

Pastor Sonny pointed out that many people in our community are hurting. They are in great need, and that when we see those people, we can lift them up to the Lord in prayer.

"As I drive and walk through Longmont, I catch myself...from the heart praying for people I see...It's an 'automatic prayer.' What a wonderful thing for us to be automatically praying...when we see someone that is hurting when we see someone that is desperate..."

He said that he and his wife often say, what he calls, "Automatic Prayers". When they see an accident or someone hurting, they lift that person up to the Lord in prayer.

Pray For Something New

Pastor Sonny began to discuss revivals that have happened in the past such as the Welsh Revival or the Jesus Revival. He said that what happens is that Christians who have experienced the power of God begin to stagnate, and so before a revival begins they began to pray that God would do something new.

Pastor Sonny said,

"They knew what God had done in the past, but they knew nothing was happening now. So they began to pray for something new...they [the revivals] were a result of someone praying and interceding before God: 'Lord touch us again. Lord send someone again.' "

Pastor Sonny said that often times people sit in the church and think about what God did in the past. He challenges us to not focus on what God did in the past. But let's ask God to do something new. For example, he pointed out that when Christ healed he never did it the same way.

Revivals are a result of praying for something new.

Let's Pray!

Pastor Sonny concluded in prayer, praying that God would do something new here in Longmont. He prayed, "Come with Your compassion, come with Your power." He also prayed for unity of prayer in the church here and that we would be overwhelmed with this intimate knowledge of what God wants to do in this community.

Pastor Sonny prayed this most powerful prayer: "Lord, have mercy."

Trinity Baptist

Are you interested in learning more about Pastor Apolonio (Sonny) Castilleja and Trinity Baptist or planning a visit there this Sunday?

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Where904 Atwood St, Longmont, CO 80501 (off of 9th Avenue near the rail road tracks).

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