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Sustainable Resilient Longmont Hosts Candidate Forum on Climate Change and Sustainability

On October 9, 2019, SRL hosted a climate change and sustainability forum and invited all the candidates on the 2019 ballot who are running for Longmont City Council.
srl forum
photo from SRL forum video–Longmont Observer

This content was originally published by the Longmont Observer and is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

Sustainable Resilient Longmont (SRL) is a local nonprofit that focuses on sustainability in the areas of environmental protection, responsible economic growth and social equity.

On October 9, 2019, SRL hosted a climate change and sustainability forum and invited all the candidates on the 2019 ballot who are running for Longmont City Council.

SRL hosts this forum in the off-year elections to highlight some of the issues the organization works on, according to SRL Board Chair, Abby Driscoll.

In attendance were Brian Bagley, Schuyler Trowbridge, Matthew Garrett, Ron Gallegos, Jeff Moore, Joan Peck, Regan Sample, and Susan Hidalgo-Fahring.

Below are is a list of the topics each candidate addressed in their opening/closing statements:

  • Brian Bagley
    • championed a Sustainability Plan since first running for mayor
    • contributed to a creative way to prevent fracking within Longmont city limits
    • sits on the Platte River Power Authority (PRPA) Board and worked to getting all communities in the PRPA to commit to using 100% renewable energy by 2030
    • wants to continue to focus on economic development, RTD, transportation, homelessness, and crime
    • perpetuate the 2030 goal
  • Schuyler Trowbridge
    • is a climate activist
    • "made big waves in the cannabis industry for cannabis recycling"
    • promotes paying citizens to produce energy through roof-top solar panels
      • to create a race between Longmont citizens and PRPA to getting to 100% renewable energy by 2030
    • environmental issues are his passion and the reason he is in the mayoral race
    • bring SES tool up to international standards
  • Matthew Garrett
    • is a Colorado native and has lived in Longmont most of his life
    • "Longmont, its resources, and the things that are happening here, are very very important to me"
    • keep traffic moving by getting a bridge built over the Martin St. train tracks
    • bring in vehicles that are cleaner running
  • Ron Gallegos
    • take in the needs of the community
    • envision where the community wants to go
    • create a dialogue with all members of the community
    • reduce water consumption in our community by 1/3
  • Jeff Moore
    • changed irrigation on 6 acres of open space in local HOA
    • convinced HOA to use organic fertilizer
    • stopped insecticide and herbicide applications in HOA and banned neonicotinoid use entirely
    • entered HOA into Ecocycle 3 year carbon farming experiment
    • championed Resolution 2017-53 which supported limiting pesticide use on city-owned property
    • supported pay-as-you-use garbage and curbside composting
    • advance the 2030 plan
    • incentivize resident solar energy production
    • carbon-farming on city own agricultural land
  • Joan Peck
    • supports bans on fracking
    • promote smart development
    • transportation
    • smart development on the St. Vrain Greenway, protecting the riparian ways and wildlife
  • Regan Sample
    • the environment is important to him and family
    • wants to focus on smart growth, clean water, air quality
    • smart, specific development
  • Susan Hidalgo-Fahring
    • works with under-represented populations on issues
    • wants to analyze the data to be an advocate for the community
    • rally other communities to join in the climate change efforts
    • environmental stewardship, educating our community
    • protect the quality of life, social equity