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Three hikers rescued from Mt. Neva

The three were stranded Monday night with no water or shelter
Boulder County Sheriff's Office

Three hikers are uninjured after they ended up lost and stranded on a mountain in Boulder County.

On Monday just before 8 p.m., the Boulder County Sheriff's Office received a call regarding three hikers that were lost and stranded on Mt. Neva, according to a release from the sheriff's office. The call came through the Grand County Sheriff's Dispatch after they received a call from three men that said they were stranded without water or shelter.

The GPS location provided by the phone call showed that they were on Mt. Neva.

Seven members of Rocky Mountain Rescue Group responded to the call and started their hike from the Fourth of July trailhead at 11 p.m. to rescue the three stranded hikers. They returned to the trailhead at 5:15 a.m. with the rescued hikers.

One of the hikers suffered from mild altitude sickness, but there were no other reported injuries.