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Vance Brand Airport preparing to grow

The airport continues to monitor the situation with unleaded fuel.
Vance Brand Airport

Levi Brown, airport manager at Vance Brand Airport, update the Longmont City Council on Tuesday. He said the airport is working toward future growth.

The airport is expected to undergo two large projects in 2024 and 2025. The wildlife fence project will be completed this year with grants supplied by CDOT and the FAA. 

In 2025, the airport will rehabilitate its pavement including the apron and the taxiway with a $421,000 grant from CDOT. 

Brown also said the airport is preparing to welcome commercial development, should the city decide to go in that direction. Recently the airport underwent an update to its sewer system and is planning a drainage study on its remaining developable land. It also expanded its electric capabilities and ensured that it would have room to add infrastructure if the airport begins to incorporate more electric planes.

According to Brown, hanger availability along the Front Range is at a premium. Several individuals and companies have expressed interest in commercial or new development at the airport. 

The airport continues to monitor the situation with unleaded fuel. Vance Brand offers MOGAS, a type of unleaded airplane fuel. However, there are still challenges in the market that prevent the airport from converting completely. One challenge is obtaining a steady supply of the fuel. Another is that airplanes have to be recertified to use the fuel which involves the modification of airplanes. 

Brown said airports everywhere are ready to make the change, it is going to take time to get the infrastructure in place to make the switch on a national level. The FAA is looking at mandating the use of unleaded fuel by 2030.


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