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September 13, 1951 - October 12, 2020

I don’t feel like I did much with my life, especially when I couldn’t work any longer. I took good care of my mom, though, and I enjoyed that very much. I cooked our meals, did our laundry, kept a clean kitchen, made her bed on good days, paid our bills, shared good books, and talked to her throughout the day. I could tell my mom anything and everything. She always understood me. She knew my heart. She knew my soul.

But I didn’t learn French, or how to sew or even master the computer. I fed my backyard birds and squirrels every day, even when wearing oxygen, and with a broken ankle for a while. I loved watching them eat and play and the birds take their baths. I planted a cottonwood tree, just so the squirrels would have a playground in my yard.

I don’t have a legacy to leave, no kids or grandkids to remember me, not even anyone who will miss me much. So, whoever may be reading this, I will ask this of you; please pray for the geese when you see them fly over. Pray for them to find food and water and safe resting ground. We’re taking it from every creature God blessed us with.

I actually loved being alive. I liked being lazy, reading, watching TV, doing chores without a schedule, playing games, working crosswords, not too much achievement for sure. But I loved looking at the sky and clouds and watching it snow or rain; I loved watching every critter I saw, even the playful prairie dog. I loved trees and grass and all, simply all animals, even interesting bugs. Not mosquitos or houseflies; they are not interesting! But I would save a moth from drowning in my sink, or a spider that was unable to get out. I never had children or grandchildren to run to me, but I had some incredible dogs and cats who loved being mine.

I cry a lot these days, because I do believe they’re numbered. But then they are from the time we are born. Just seems that time is shorter than I really know. I didn’t want to live without my dad. I don’t think I can live without my mom too.

And I guess I’m just hoping that there will be one person who really knew me, and knew why I prayed for the geese.