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Nina Karene Nakayama



April 21st, 1942 - March 26th, 2024

Nina Karene Nakayama, 81, of Longmont, Colorado passed away on March 26th, 2024, at her home. 

Nina was born to Carmel and Edith Vaughn on April 21, 1942, in Arkansas. While growing up Nina enjoyed horseback riding, knitting and crocheting, that carried into her adult years. 

She graduated High School in 1960 from Adams City High School.

On September 2, 1962 her and Joe Nakayama celebrated a marriage in Denver, Colorado. Joe and Nina both worked for Martin Marietta. Later they welcomed their first son, on April 2, 1964, Frank Scott Nakayama. They then welcomed their second son, Brian Daniel Nakayama on March 24,1973.

Nina is survived by both of her sons, Frank and Brian, both of Longmont, Colorado. 


A poem for Nina:

For the Mother that will always be loved and cherished.

Oh, yellow rose, radiant as the sun

A joyous burst of light that shines so bright

With petals soft, yet strong, and gift so fun

You bring happiness within our sight

In summer fields, you dance with such delight

A sight to see, an image so serene

Your scent, so sweet, brings us pure delight

A beauty so rare, it feels like a dream

Oh, lovely rose, a gift of happy days

Your yellow petals speak of joy and glee

In gardens, you blossom, in endless ways,

A sight so grand, it sets the whole world free

So, here’s to the yellow rose, bright and gay,

That brings us cheer, each and every day.